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Incumbents Sweep Avalon Municipal Election Voters Re-Elect Marshall, Olsen and Hernandez

Leading up the Avalon’s 2016 Municipal Election, voters were drowning in a tsunami of political ads from candidates and PACs (Political Action Committees) published in local newspapers and mailers bulk mailed to Avalon voters, barbecues and gatherings for candidates, phone calls discouraging or encouraging voting for particular candidates, banners and bumper stickers posted throughout the city, and facebook reminders to vote or vote requests by candidates, it seemed everywhere one looked there was a political message. Well, the voters have spoken, and have re-elected all three incumbents running for office, giving Avalon the same members on City Council as has been there for the past two years. So, the 2016-2018 City Council will consist of Mayor Anni Marshall and council members Cinde MacGugan-Cassidy, Joe Sampson, Richard Hernandez and Oley Olsen. Mayor Anni Marshall was re-elected, receiving 529 votes to capture 57 percent of the votes, way ahead of the two other mayoral candidates, Cassidy with 244 votes, 26 percent of the total, and Ralph Morrow trailing with 131 votes for 14 percent of the total. Incumbent Councilman Richard Hernandez got 352 votes, 38 percent, and incumbent Oley Olsen received 303 votes, 33 percent, both retaining their seats on City Council. With all the political ads, from informative to calling out problems/issues with certain candidates, this election became one of the most talked about in Avalon’s history. There was a 52-percent turnout of Avalon voters casting their ballots, by count that is 923 voters out of 1,762 registered voters. The results listed above are considered unofficial. There still could be more votes counted, as there maybe a few provisional votes, votes from people who showed up at their polling place and for some unknown reason were not listed as registered voters, and vote by mail ballots will still be counted if postmarked before the election day and are received by the City Clerk, Denise Radde, by three days after the election – these ballots will be reviewed by the County for signature verification. However, the winners of this election all have a large enough lead that any provisional or vote by mail ballots are not likely to total an amount big enough to change the outcome. Congratulations to Avalon’s re-elected councilmembers: Mayor Anni Marshall, Councilman Richard Hernandez and Councilman Oley Olsen. Election results_Layout 1