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Over 500 Runners Compete in Conservancy’s ECO Marathon Races


Although the majority of 623 runners that finished last Saturday’s ECO Marathon group of races, November 21, came from Southern California, runners represented over 15 states from the north, south and east – as far north as Alaska, Washington, and Maine, as far south Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida, and as far east of New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire and many states in between.

The Catalina Conservancy is the sponsor of ECO Marathon with its four races: the 26.2 mile ECO Marathon that had 235 finishers this year, and started near Avalon Schools at 8:00 a.m.; the 13.1 mile Half Marathon with 288 finishers, which started at 8:25 a.m. at Sumner Avenue; the 10k with 170 finishers which started at 8:30 a.m.; and the Kid’s Run, with the little ones hitting the race course at 9:30 a.m.

The first to cross the ECO Marathon finish line was Jason Mills, a 41-year old who hails from Los Angeles, and his time was 03 hours: 25 minutes: 51 seconds. This was a long ways from breaking any course records, as the record is  2:47:54, held by Patrick Bladwin since 2011. About three and a half minutes behind Mills was 33-year-old Warren Davis, who finished the race in 3:28:18. Forty-two-year old Carlos Vizcarra, also from Los Angeles, was the third overall winner finishing the race in 03:37:39.

Crossing the finish line sixth overall was Julie Watts, a 35-year old from San Clemente, and she was the first female across the finish line. She finished the race in 04:19:41. Watts was quite a ways from breaking the female  ECO Marathon course record of 03:35:38, which Michelle Barton has held since 2007. Twenty-six year old Jessica Mencel, all the way from Albany, New York, was the second overall female to finish the race. Her time was 04:34:29 and she placed 10th overall. The third overall female and 14th overall was Elizabeth Goldberg, a 43-year old from Los Gatos, and her time was 04:47:10.

There were two marathon finishers from Avalon: Nathan Warren, 28th overall, and his time was 04:59:17; and Katherine Stone, 181st overall, and her time was 07:34:47.

The first Half Marathon overall finisher was Simon Cooper, a 46-year old from Glendora, finishing the course in 01:43:01. Second overall, and just under two minutes behind Cooper, was Brian Kildow, a 52-year old from Encinitas, and his time was 01:44:56. Traveling all the way from Houston, Texas, was the third-overall-finisher Ian Hunter, the 20-year old’s time was 01:52:11. None of the top three overall finishers broke the course record of 1:35:38, held by David Burke since 2013.

Emily Vincent, who hails from La Crescenta, was the first female to cross the Half Marathon finish line. She was 12th over all and her time was 02:00:54. Heidi Nevin, a 42-year old from La Jolla, was the second overall female, 14th overall, and her time was 02:03:58. A San Diego resident was the third overall female to cross the finish line. She is Kelsey Gibson, a 26-year old, and her time was 02:09:07 and she was 19th overall. None of the top overall female finishers broke the female course record of 1:46:08, held by Kathrin Meade since 2012.

There were three finishers in the Half Marathon from Avalon: Tyler Dvorak was the first overall Avalon runner to complete the Half Marathon course, which he finished in 02:14:20. He was 25th overall. Jacob Mayberry was the second Avalon overall finisher, and 43rd overall finisher, his time was 02:26:42. The third Avalon finisher to cross the finish line was Amy Catalano, who was 53rd overall and she finished the course in 02:31:10.

The 10k is always popular with Avalon’s young runners, this year two of them finished in the top five. Avalon’s Oscar Bastida, 17-years old, was the first across the 10k’s finish line. Bastida’s time was 00:39:38. He finished one minute and 25 seconds faster than his 2014 race time, and moved up five places overall (from sixth to first). And Avalon’s Salvador Macias, 15-years old, was fifth overall and his time was 00:44:05. Avalon’s Jeniece Neville, 17-years old, was the first female to cross the finish line, she was 11th overall and her time was 00:49:45. Last year Neville placed 10th overall and finished a little faster, 00:46:20.

The second overall male to finish the 10k, for the second year in a row, was Sam Russakov, a 19-year old from Huntington Beach, and his time was 00:40:08. Last year Russakov’s time was just 50 seconds faster, 00:39:18. The third overall was 14-year old Nicholas Rosales, from Cypress, and his time was 00:41:29.

The second female to finish the 10k was Torrance resident Naddia Galvez, a 31-year old who finished in 00:51:33 and was 14th overall. Eighteenth overall and third female to finish was Mary Schumacher, from Huntington Beach. and her time was 00:52:38.

Neither the overall 10k course record or female 10k course record was broken by any of the runners in this race. The 10k course record is 00:36:32, held by Bernardo Salcido since 2014

Other Avalon 10 k finishers were: Thomas Oddone, 16 years old, who finished sixth overall with a time 00:44:05. Last year he ran a few minutes faster and placed fourth overall, his 2014 time was 00:40:19; Erwin Armstrong, who was 37th overall and finished in 00:58:21. Last year Armstrong finished 42nd overall and took nine seconds longer to finish the race, 00:58:30; Julia Parish, who was 117th overall, had a time of 01;25;14; and Silvia Harrell, who was 122nd overall and finished in 01:27:43.

Story credit: Barbara Crow

Photo Credit: Dave’s Premium Photos