Catalina Island

Lobster Trap, Women’s Softball Champions

lobster trap champs
The Lobster Trap needed a win to clinch, but maggie’s blue rose wanted to be the spoilers in the first game.
The Lobster Trap was up first and Vanessa Sanchez opened with a double.  Three singles later had 3 runs home. The Lobster Trap got 2 more in the second off rachel Sillas’s inside-the-park home run. In the fourth, a double from Rachel Sillas, an error, a triple from Aimee Casillas and an inside-the-park home run from Cindy Morris brought home 4 more runs for the Lobster Trap. In the bottom of the inning, Maggie’s Blue Rose had doubles from Maddie Hobbs and Marisa Morones (twice), along with five base hits and three walks to take the lead with 10  runs. The Lobster Trap answered back with doubles from Rachel Sillas, Aimee Casillas and Susan Budd to regain the lead with 3 runs. With time expired, Maria Tejeda opened with a double for Maggie’s Blue Rose. With runners at first and third, The Lobster Trap turned the double play to end the game with the score The Lobster Trap 12, Maggie’s Blue Rose 10. With two games left in the season, The Lobster Trap’s victory clinched the league title.  Congratulations ladies!
For Maggie’s Blue Rose, Maddie Hobbs, Marisa Morones and Maria Tejeda all had two hits. Sandra Gallegos, Sheyla Moreno, Candace Luithle and Jordaine  Whitfield contributed one hit.
For The Lobster Trap, Rachel Sillas and Aimee Casillas were both four-for-four.  Vanessa Sanchez, Cindy Morris, Marina Reyes and Nidia Cortez contributed two hits apiece. Susan Budd collected one hit.
The second game of the night was between Chet’s Hardware and Straight Up Builders.
In the first inning, Chet’s converted six walks, a error and a base hit into 4 runs.  Straight Up Builders answered back with two base hits, a double from Aurora Felix and an inside-the-park home run from Rachel McCormick to tie it at 4.

Chet’s Hardware started with a walk, followed by an inside-the-park home run from Teri Alexander. A double from Valeria Medina was followed by a couple of fielder’s choice, walks, a base hit, then a grand-slam inside-the-park homer from Teri Alexander for her second of the inning. A total of 8 runs scored. Straight Up Builders used three walks and a double from Vicki Rogers to bring home2. In the top of the inning, Chet’s Hardware had bases loaded, but twice Straight Up Builders got the out at home to keep Chet’s scoreless. Straight Up Builders took that momentum into the bottom of the inning. Lupe Sanchez started off with an inside-the-park home run. A walk and a single were followed by a double from Rachel Mc Cormick. A couple of base hits later had seven cross the plate and give the lead to Straight Up Builders. In the top of the fourth, Chet’s Hardware tied it up at 13. Straight Up Builders regained the lead, two runners on for Lupe Sanchez’s second inside-the-park homer of the night. A double from Aurora Felix was followed by a base hit. Rachel McComick then collected two RBIs off her inside-the-park home run. A base hit followed when time expired and the game ended with the score Chet’s Hardware 13, Straight Up Builders 19.
For Chet’s Hardware, Teri Alexander was four-for-four. Valeria Medina collected two hits, while Teresa Hernandez had one hit. Kim Felix collected four walks.
For Straight Up Builders, Vicki Rogers was five-for-five. Aurora Felix was three-for-three with two walks. Lupe Sanchez and Rachel McCormick also collected three hits. Sara Hall and Elizabeth Hassler each contributed one hit.