Catalina Island

More Than Medicine: Holistic Solutions, Healthy Life, Island Style

In today’s fitness crazed world, people are always looking for that next great healthy supplement or solution. Although these health enthusiasts know what they want, they may not always know what will help correctly. I consider myself a fit individual; I exercise often, eat right, and always take my multi-vitamins. Unfortunately, I left my vitamins back in Oregon, which lead to an Island wide search for natural supplements to sooth my lifestyle needs. Just before I threw in the towel on my search, I stumbled upon a neat gift shop called Bay of the Seven Moons. Located at the entrance of Metropole Marketplace, this shop has incredible antiques and jewelry, but also everything from sore throat to stress relief to red yeast rice and more.

Bay of the Seven Moons provides an incredible variety of holistic solutions that help with way more than your average cold or upset stomach. The owner, Autumn, seems like a true naturalist, an organic guru. She is extremely passionate about helping her customers find the most suitable product for a natural lifestyle. Proper diet and exercise crucially goes hand in hand with these medical and health solutions. Products like these will help get you moving in the right direction towards a natural lifestyle. I found my direction at Bay of the Seven Moons, go find yours.