Catalina Island

It’s Fresh, It’s Frozen, It’s Fro-Yo

“There’s a sweet new treat for you to eat just off Main Street.” I have been visiting Catalina since I was three years old, and must have tried every dessert on this Island. Ice cream, cake, even deep fried Oreos– you name it, and I have most likely indulged in it at least once. I visited Catalina Coffee and Cookie Co. for an early evening espresso the other day and was surprised to find a unique and healthy dessert choice. Two nozzles of frozen yogurt and a natural topping bar are available for a sweet experience. On the day I visited, the two flavors were banana and chocolate; however, I was informed they alternate the flavors every day. The variety of toppings are good and good for you, including pineapple, berries, and boba.


Unless you possess a transportation device with wheels, a high amount of walking is required to stroll around this beautiful Island. That is a lot of calorie burning going on, and if you want to keep those off, your frozen indulgence has got to be on your side. A healthy treat is just a few steps further at Catalina Coffee and Cookie Co. The yogurt is sold by weight per ounce and you don’t have to be concerned about your weight while eating it. Go ahead, you deserve it, because when its as good as fro-yo, you can always eat mo!