Catalina Island

Covered California Open Enrollment Ends February 15, 2015

Covered California Open Enrollment Ends February 15, 2015. By Judy Hibbs.


Get Covered Health insurance can be complicated. Islanders can seek free and confidential assistance from several sources to meet the open enrollment deadline of February 15, 2015. Open enrollment is the only time during the year when most Californians who need insurance cannot be denied by a health plan. Millions will be able to get subsidized health insurance for the upcoming year. Covered California offers a range of choices in private insurance plans. Consumers choose the health plan and level of coverage that best meets their needs and budget. Information from the Covered California website or a consultation with a Certified Insurance Agent allows individuals to compare plans and know that all essential health benefits are covered. Pick a plan that is right by participating in a consultation. Individuals and families can shop and compare their options based on age, where they live, household income and the number of people in their household.

These factors determine the cost of insurance premiums and the amount of any subsidy that might be available. The window of opportunity for Covered California open enrollment closes on February 15, 2015. All individuals, sick or healthy, have a guarantee to get the health coverage and care they need. Catalina Island Medical Center has utilized Tom Martin Insurance Services (phone 949-683-6643; email but can also direct patients to free consultations that are available online at Click on “Find Local Help” to search for an Agent, Certified Enrollment Counselor or county eligibility worker.