Catalina Island

Catalina’s Healthy Alternative: Cafe Metropole


While walking through the Metropole Marketplace across from the golf cart rental, I heard some jazzy music coming from an elegant looking patio area. I turned the corner to a relatively packed courtyard of locals and tourists enjoying the cool breeze and groovy tunes. One specific part of the patio is a gated area with bright floral tables and umbrellas. This shared space connects to Pam Albers’ Cafe Metropole, a tasteful destination for an array of organic, vegan and vegetarian selections, as well as conventional options. Cafe Metropole serves healthy alternatives to your typical chow-down, stuff your face vacation foods.


All of Cafe Metropole’s food is prepared fresh daily, including fresh roasted turkey, beef brisket, and all natural fruit smoothies. They also offer many gluten free options and organic greens. The owner, Pam, is passionate about providing unique homemade tastes at a reasonable price. Her business understands there many types of food allergies and specially prepared needs that must be met for both visitors and Island locals. I sat out on the patio eating an amazing yellowtail ceviche and enjoying an organic Hefeweizen beer imported from Germany. Everything is right about Cafe Metropole, from the hearty cuisine to the vibes of the patio music. This will certainly remain my “chill spot” for the bulk of the summer, and I recommend you make it yours too. I enjoy the free wifi hotspot as well.