Catalina Island

Save The Date, CIMC Disaster Preparation Planned For November 5-8


Catalina Island Medical Center (CIMC) announces an important series of events to be held this November 5-8. Under the direction of CIMC’s Director of Emergency Preparedness, Janet Seebert, RN, and in collaboration with local Fire, Sheriff, Baywatch, Harbor Department and City leaders, CIMC will address issues that are critical to island residents.
The CIMC Foundation is financially contributing to support the Disaster Preparathon. CIMC is also partnering with the Catalina Island Women’s Forum and the Lions Club to provide residents with low cost emergency “Get Ready Gear Go Bags.” These backpacks contain food, water, clothing, first aid, flashlights and more. The kits are convenient, compact and portable if evacuation is required.
The packs, which can cost as much as $100 for a three-day supply of essentials for a family of four, will be offered for only $40. A Community meeting with local fire, sheriff , City of Avalon, Edison , Baywatch, Harbor Department, Los Angeles County Fire and CERT Team personnel will answer questions about how to make a “family plan” for disaster or emergency situations. Planning escape routes, selecting a rendezvous location for separated relatives to meet, delegating who takes charge of the pets or family members or friends who may need extra assistance is just the beginning of the discussions on “what if.”  The Red Cross will teach how to “Shelter In Place” at home, work, school or even in a vehicle should a biological agent or extreme risk to life exist. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) instructors from Los Angeles County Fire will come to Avalon to teach “Hands Only” CPR which may keep a cardiac arrest victim alive until help arrives. Basic first aid instruction will also be offered.
In the event of a catastrophic event (earthquake, flood, fire) or a large scale emergency (cruise ship sinking, plane crash, biological attack, mass shooting), Catalina with its geographical isolation could be cut off from mainland rescue resources. Help may not be quick in coming and in an extreme situation citizens could very well be “on their own.” Emergency and Disaster Preparedness on Catalina is more than a bureaucratic exercise. It may insure survival for 4,000 island residents and countless visitors.Through CIMC’s Disaster Preparathon education and training will encourage residents to safeguard important resources and work together with neighbors and co-workers to practice their actions prior to an actual disaster situation.
How can you help? Spread the word and plan to attend these important events to promote public safety and emergency preparedness. For more information go to the hospital’s website. or call (310) 510-0700.

Story credit: Judy Hibbs