Catalina Island

Drew Mauck, CAA President/Executive Director announces retirement


Drew Mauck, the Catalina Art Association President and Executive Director since 2009, will turn over duties to Laura “Lola” Di Miele in January of 2016.  Mauck, a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts moved to Catalina in 1996 and started a marketing company building websites for island businesses. In 2006, he worked with David Zeller to open an Art Gallery in the El Encato Marketplace and became a member of the Catalina Art Association. Drew was vice President in 2008 and became President of the CAA in 2009.
Mr. Mauck’s vision in 2010 was to update the Art Festival from the old peg board system to new Pop Up Tents, Grid wall systems, tables and adding a third day to the event. It was a welcomed change that the entire town loved and supported. He also started a 2nd festival during the Easter Weekend called the CAFE (Catalina Art Fair and Exhibition), to help local artists gain exposure. “It was a sad time for the CAA as we had to close the Casino Art Gallery during it’s repairs and remodeling effort.” said Mr. Mauck. “We added the second art show to help raise funds and make up for the missing art exposure the gallery closing produced.”
A new board of directors takes over with Laura “Lola” Di Miele as its President and Executive Director in 2016. With the new changes, the CAA will continue its 58 years of keeping art alive in Avalon. “The Catalina Festival of Art is one of only 3 Annual Juried Art Festivals in California to reach 58 years in existence and one of only ten in the entire Nation,” says Drew Mauck. ” We are extremely proud of our Artists and Town for helping us achieve this remarkable status.”
The U. S. Bank lobby Art Gallery exhibit space will return in January with a new look and more spectacular art on display. November is also the CAA Annual Membership Drive Month. We encourage all citizens of Avalon and our mainland friends to become a member of the Catalina Art Association and help us continue the work we do for artists, kids and our town.
Visit to signup as a 2016 CAA Member and thank you for all your support.