Catalina Island

4th of July Parade Celebrates American Music with Local Musician Marshall Brown as Grand Marshall

This 4th of July the City of Avalon will be “Celebrating American Music” as its theme. There is no better selection as the City’s Grand Marshal than Avalon’s own Marshall Brown.
If Marshall is seen on the street, one might think Santa resides here with his long white beard and jovial smile, he could be mistaken for Ole’ Saint Nick. However, those who know Marshall,
know him as the bugler for VFW Memorial Day services and 50 years prior as the owner of the famous Chi Chi Club and much more.

Marshall Graystone Brown, was born in Pasadena to Frederick “Fred” Brown and Margaret Eleanor Graystone on January 21, 1939. (You can do the math.) At the age of six, the family
moved to Solvang, California. His father was in the real estate business. Marshall has a brother Fredrick “Rick,” who became a judge. Marshall’s mother was a pianist and while taking
piano lessons he also grew fond of the guitar. Marshall has a son Kenny and daughter Rene, and two grandchildren.
Marshall’s last two years of high school were spent at the New Mexico Military Institute, where he thrived in adapting to the military way. Marshall attended Cal State Berkeley for
one year before deciding that his future had more in store than a college education. Soon after, Marshall volunteered for the draft and joined the United States Army. While stationed in
Germany, during the noncombat years, Mr. Brown was responsible for guarding women and children who might be affected should turmoil develop.
Mr. Brown continued his love for music while in the military and he taught himself to play the guitar. Leaving the military after two years plus, he returned to California. Months later
they had their “Returning from Germany Celebration,” as Marshall shipped his volkswagen to stateside and he and his wife headed to Las Vegas to visit his dad and celebrate his return.
He then returned to Solvang and took a quick course of real estate to join in the family business. But he was itchy to entertain, as he was genuinely happy to be anywhere playing music
for people.”
When Marshall was asked about this relationship with the island for 50 years plus, Marshall proudly said, “I love it and always have, It reminds me of Solvang with an ocean.”
Marshall Brown will be in the 4th of July parade playing with the Black Jack Band. A must see! Give him a “Hi Neighbor” salute as he passes by.