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SCIF Seniors Visit The College Of Saint Mary In Omaha

SCIF Seniors Visit The College Of Saint Mary In Omaha


Ever thought of wearing flip flops in Nebraska in the middle of winter? Well seven Avalon girls are here to tell you about one great thing in Nebraska and it is the College of Saint Mary, an all-girls Catholic University. The college has underground tunnels from every residential building to every academic building so in the coldest of winters their students never have to step outside. These college women can attend class in their flip flops in the middle of December which thrilled some of our island girls, Ana Macias, Joanna Chavoya, Gaby Hernandez, Jennifer Munoz, Michelle Rufino, Marisol Zendejaz, and Hannah Kern, and her mother Holly Kern, who visited the college in November.

The College of St. Mary’s is “Committed to the works, values, Saint Mary In Omaha and aspirations of the Sisters of Mercy, College of Saint Mary is a Catholic university dedicated to the education of women in an environment that calls forth potential and fosters leadership,” according to their mission statement.

After the Avalon girls came back they realized that school offered so much more than just an education, it offered a safe environment in where they could grow and become the leaders that they were all meant to be. One of our island mothers, Holly Kern, who went on the trip with them said, “What we found at College of Saint Mary was much more than their MLL (Mothers Living and Learning) program. We found a small, progressive thinking, supportive staff, faculty, and student body that inspire young women to be leaders, find their identity, and generally grow-up and become self-confident adults. We loved the community present among the other moms and children as well as the campus as a whole.”

One of the great things the College of Saint Mary has is a special program for young women who are single mothers. They have what is called the Mothers Living and Learning program. In this program the women’s children are cared for while the women study and attend class. The Madonna Residence Hall has suite-style living for those in the program where two mothers and two children would share a suite. One of the campus programs also offers free child care two nights a week to help these mothers study without having to worry that their child is well cared for.