Catalina Island

New Medical Coding CIMC Upgrades Its Computer Network

CIMCMedical coding

CIMC is updating its computer network to meet the latest federally required coding standards and to better utilize the hospital’s recently installed electronic medical records system. The updated software and improved data input procedures will enable CIMC to better serve its patients.

Although it is one of the smallest hospitals in the state, due to its unique island location, it historically has provided many of the health services typically found only at larger facilities. It serves its patients through a truly integrated healthcare delivery system consisting of physician offices, acute care hospital and skilled nursing services along with its extensive outpatient programs.

New computer safeguards for the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system provide additional data protection, improve medical record keeping and maintain vital health information. Due to the complexity of the new patient EMR system there is extra training going on with reception staff, nurses and physicians. Clinicians may be spending more time with patients to document diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments as they adapt to the new system. This new technology is being installed at hospitals across the country.

CIMC is taking important and positive steps to communicate effectively with patients and the community. There may be some delays at the medical group office while the staff completes the new appointment requirements and training protocols. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.

Catalina Island Medical Center’s mission remains  to provide quality healthcare to each individual and improve the overall health of our community.