Catalina Island

New Drilling Site for Golf Course Well

In an effort to be more transparent, the Island Company wants to keep you updated as to progress on the test wells being drilled.  On October 21st at 5:30 p.m. we reached our final drilling depth of 645 feet. It’s “final” because the hydrologist determined that they have the results they need to make a determination about this well location and going deeper expecting different results would not be economically sensible.
Good news is that the water we’ve hit is good quality all the way down. In fact, quality improves with depth which isn’t what we’d necessarily expect. As to the quantity, it’s producing about 20 GPM (gallons per minute). That’s not what we’d need from a good production well so the preliminary recommendations received from our hydrology team is that we would not pursue this hole as a production well site. Their target is a minimum flow rate of 35-40 gpm in order to deem the well a viable production facility.
The original intent for any holes that are not recommended for production is to place casing and monitoring equipment in the hole and to continue to use it as a monitoring well. There is a possibility that we’d want to use it as a non-potable water source (e.g., for irrigation purposes) but we’d need to work with SCE to get that approved.
It will take several days to pull all of the drill casing from the current hole and to move the operation over to Drill Site #2 (it’s located on the golf course about 150 feet from the current site and is closer to Avalon Canyon Road). We expect that the drill team would be ready to start drilling the second site by mid to late next week.
Please note that the Golf Course will remain OPEN during the drilling.

Story credit: Santa Catalina Island Company
Photo creit:  Barbara Crow