Catalina Island

CIMC Staff Receive Recognition Hospital Honors Long Time Employees At Dinner


Catalina Island Medical Center had a very special dinner party on Saturday, February 28, at Overlook Hall. Twenty-nine employees who have worked at the hospital for between six and 34 years were honored for their faithful service with a delicious dinner, commemorative pins and official certificates of merit.

“In adding up all of the years these honorees have served CIMC, that total exceeds 400 years,” stated CEO John Friel, who chose this occasion to applaud and encourage his staff. Santa Dominguez, RN and Chairman of CIMC Cares, and her committee had personal invitations delivered to each recipient. Congressman Alan Lowenthal’s office created award certificates for each person embossed with the seal of the United States Congress, the honoree’s name and the number of years they’ve worked. Representative Lowenthal’s certificates read, “In recognition of your outstanding commitment to the public health sector, you are to be commended for your pledge to help those in need, ensuring a healthy future for the constituents of Catalina Island.”

CIMC_employee rec_ 2

The hospital presented its own congratulatory certificates as well to all of those being recognized. John Friel was the elegantly dressed emcee for the evening and introduced each honored staff member and congratulated them.

On hand to present the awards were AMDC Board of Directors President Dr. Rod Muller and AMDC Vice President Conrado Vega. Those who had worked continuously for more than 20 years had their department manager or a senior staff person share about the impact they each have had upon the hospital, the patients and their co-workers.

A delicious salad and pasta bar specially prepared by the chefs from the Buffalo Nickel, plus cupcakes by Katrina Lee were enjoyed by almost 70 guests. A special musical slide show of employees in action and a replay of CIMC’S “Happy” video starring many of the honorees, were projected onto the banquet room’s video screen to the delight of party goers.

This was the first of what will become an annual recognition event for staff who reach employment milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service to CIMC. Pixie King, who has worked at CIMC for 34 years received two spontaneous standing ovations upon receiving her award. She will be eligible for her 35 year pin at next year’s event.

This year’s honorees were: Salvador Pedroza, Santa Dominguez, Debbie Phelps, Lyra Garrido, Linda Altherr, Vanessa Hernandez, Michelle Jaeger. Ahnni-Lorena Garcia, Montartip Levy, Josie Vickers, Lourdes Perez, Carol Dumont, Jeryl Kreie, Judy Alft, Rita Whitaker, Maggie Philocete, Martin’ Lopez, Cristina Grain, Letitcia Garcia, Renee’ Ramirez, Alicia Tamayo, Shirley Jordan, Krista Steuter, Miguel Garcia, Emma Sanchez, Karla Parsons, Dawn Sampson, Catalina Hooikaika and Pixie King. Sincere congratulations and thanks to all of the CIMC employees who were recognized.

Story By Judy Hibbs