Catalina Island

CIMC Foundation Donates $55,500 For Fetal Heart Monitor, EKG,Security Cameras & More


One of Catalina Island Center’s (CIMC) biggest sources of financial assistance has been the Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation. Formed in 1980, its mission is to support
health care on the island, both through raising funds and by publicizing CIMC’s goals and guiding principals.

Most recently, the Foundation donated $55,500 toward the purchase of an $11,000 fetal-heart monitor, a new 12-lead EKG machine ($15,000), and a close-circuit hospital-security-camera system
($5,000). The Foundation will fund an additional $10,000 for the remodeling completion of the hospital’s front reception area with new furnishings, plus an upgrade to the emergency room bathroom. New storage racks in physical therapy and equipment for the hospital’s copy room ($3000) are also among other items to be purchased with this donation.

“We are pleased to be able to support the hospital in this way,” CIMC Foundation President Carol Reynolds shared. “Patient care and staff efficiency will be greatly enhanced with the utilization of these funds.”

Story credit: Judy Hibbs