Catalina Island

CIMC and Community Board Members Participate In Special Training Semina


Catalina Island Medical Center’s Board of Directors and their invited guests recently participated in an educational seminar conducted by Karma Bass, MPH of Via Healthcare Consulting to learn how to improve communication skills, policy making, strategy decisions and overall governance effectiveness. As a consultant to hospital and health system boards, Ms. Bass has valuable experience in working with executive management teams, non-profit boards and medical professionals.

Those attending this special all day event included AMDC (Avalon Medical Development Corporation) board members, CIMC Foundation directors, a Hospital Auxiliary board officer, Avalon City Council membership and CIMC senior staff members.

“It was an opportunity to provide board education for our new and incumbent AMDC members and others regarding the specific challenges and complexities associated with the governance of our critical access hospital in Avalon,” Board Chair Michael Ponce shared.

The broad and informative curriculum started by examining what is a board member’s job description and specific requirements for service? Key indicators to successful board performance were shared in the areas of accountability, goal setting, major policy and strategy implementation, finances and governance. Through a series of talks and role-playing scenarios attendees learned the optimal board relationship balance to the hospital’s administration, the desired interaction procedures and the different responsibilities of the CEO and the Board in effectively managing the medical center’s bottom line and top priorities.

Ms. Bass reinforced the qualities of effective trusteeship; she stressed confidentiality in all board matters,encouraged resolving any conflicts of interest and explained the role each board member in any organization can play.

Important questions were answered in the Saturday session. Who does what in a governing body responsible for the hiring and firing of a Chief Executive Officer?  What is the role of a Board Chairman in working with fellow directors and the entity’s senior administrative staff?  What is a board member’s role and responsibility in governance? How do boards establish and maintain effective agendas and manage their meetings? What is the organization’s mission and vision for the future? How does a board oversee the implementation of their vision?

Continuing education and board development will be an ongoing priority for the hospital and the board members who serve it.The AMDC Board is the governing body for Catalina Island Medical Center. It meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday evening at the Guadalupe Room at Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church. Meetings are open to the public. If you have questions, please call (310) 510-0700.