Catalina Island

Catalina Island’s Suite Escape: Hotel Metropole


Rooftop jacuzzis, beachfront views, and lightswitch-powered fireplaces are merely a few of my favorite enjoyments in life. Never before have I had the pleasure of experiencing all three in one location. Yet, Hotel Metropole has stunned me with the inevitable. My wonderful mother treated my sister and I to an over night outing to the fantastic Catalina Island and we stayed at the Hotel Metropole for the first time. We have always thought their restaurant, M Restaurant by Zest Catering, has had a soothing atmosphere and delicious food selection, so we expected nothing less than satisfaction from the hotel and its staff.


We arrived in the early evening and checked into our two bedroom suite overlooking Crescent Ave. and the famous Casino building off in the distance. We were immediately taken by awe by the view, because in previous stays around the Island we had not seen a comparable combination of beauty both in the room and just out the window. My mom was ready for a nap after the day of travel, so she took to an early night in her queen bed, while my sister and I headed up to check out the amazing rooftop deck. Amazing is even too dull of a word to describe the elegant canopies and perfect views we were able to see from the cozy rooftop jacuzzi.


Every corner of Hotel Metropole feels like a new vacation destination. On one side, the entire Bay of Avalon, and on the other, the quaint ambience of the Metropole Marketplace with all its genuine shops and eateries. While staying there, you can easily live in the heart of Catalina nightlife. Or, if that doesn’t suit your taste, you may simply exist in the comfort of solitude cuddled up by an easy to start fireplace in your room or celebrate friendships up on the rooftop. No matter what type of vacationer you are, you can always find contentment at the incomparable Hotel Metropole.


Story by Chris Puma