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“Even the little things done with great care, have immeasurably impact” shared Santa Dominguez, RN. She goes on to say that “CIMC adopted a culture enrichment campaign about seven years ago, committed to lead the philosophy and culture of this hospital to a place of excellence one encounter at a time.”

It was then that the CIMC CARES team at the hospital formulated standards of performance for all that they do, and chose the acronym CARES. CIMC C.A.R.E.S.  represents communication, confidentiality, attitude, appearance, respect, excellence, service and safety. These are opportunities for growth and improvement for medical center employees. CIMC CARES supports and encourages effective strategies for success. Led by Santa Dominguez, RN, the CARES team meets monthly to discuss emerging issues among the staff, team-building opportunities and community outreach events, which CIMC would like to participate in.

CIMC CARES organized a team for the Relay for Life, supporting the American Cancer Society, event on the island last June. Each year they decorate a golf cart for the 4th of July parade and have given away sunscreen, hand sanitizers, hula hoops and even soccer balls. Annual hospital staff events like the Little Harbor camp out and picnic (held September 12) bring employees from every department and their families together for recreation and fun.

The stress and pressure of the health care profession is amplified in a small rural hospital or medical group office. As the only local medical option for island patients and visitors, CIMC employees may experience frustration, fatigue and even physical symptoms of stress that affect their ability to do their job of caring for others. The CARES team is there to listen, to model a positive attitude of compassion, professionalism and work together toward solutions to conflicts or challenges in the workplace.

“A Commitment to Excellence has been the theme of this organization and most especially the CARES team from the time of its inception through the present day,” Bryan Ballard shared.

CARES encourages everyone to maintain the highest quality of service by giving their best to every patient and every co-worker, every time. With a committee that includes senior staff, department heads and highly motivated individuals, CIMC CARES examines areas where procedures can be improved upon without excuses or finger pointing.

“It’s all about a culture of continuously finding ways to give everyone a positive experience at CIMC – patients, their families and staff” commented Lyra Garrido, CLS, Laboratory Manager and CARES Team member.

For more information about the health care services offered at Catalina Island Medical Center, please call(310) 510-0700.

CIMC CARES, and it shows.

Story credit: Judy Hibbs