Catalina Island

Catalina Island Featured on New History Show On Pbs Socal “Buried History with Mark Walberg” to Premiere October 26

Costa Mesa, Calif. (August 25, 2015) – PBS SoCaL and Dick Clark Company have partnered to produce “Buried History with Mark Walberg” premiering Monday, October 26 at 7:30 p.m.
on PBS SoCaL. The program will also be distributed to PBS stations nationally and will air on  public broadcasting’s WORLD channel Sunday, November 1, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT  (check local listings).
Buried History follows host Mark L. Walberg as he travels to small-town America in a vintage hearse to unearth the past. Starting with the tombstones of those integral to the birth of a city to their present-day descendants, he will piece together the clues about each town’s genealogy. Generations of stories are packed into the half-hour episode filled with historical facts, folklore, legends, and scandal. Revealed will be the intimate story of how luck, misfortune, or bizarre circumstance played an important role in shaping a city.

In the inaugural episode, Walberg visits Catalina Island and the city of Avalon, off the Southern California coast. There, he uncovers important residents and families of the past, the
history of development of the island into a popular tourist destination, celebrity sightings, and a few mysteries.

Host and Executive Producer Mark L. Walberg is the two-time Emmy® nominated host of the PBS hit series Antiques Roadshow. Walberg also serves as Vice President of Development for the Dick Clark Company. In addition to hosting Antiques Roadshow, Walberg is currently the host of the new syndicated game show, The Game Plane. Walberg has hosted and been featured in several other shows, including “Temptation Island,” “The Moment of Truth,” “Russian Roulette,” “Test the Nation,” “House Rules,” “The Mansion,” “Shop ‘Til You Drop,” “Burnt Toast,” “The Mark Walberg Show,” and “The Weakest Link.”

“PBS is a national network that connects with its audience at the local station level.  I’m proud to be the host of Antiques Roadshow, but I’m also an avid PBS viewer,” said Walberg. “I
watch PBS on my local station, PBS SoCaL, regularly. It made perfect sense for me to partner with my hometown team on this exciting new project.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Mark and the Dick Clark Company on this new and exciting venture to bring even more quality programs to PBS viewers,” said Andy Russell, PBS
SoCaL President and CEO. “And, it is a privilege that the inaugural episode will uncover the history of one of Southern California’s most fascinating cities.”

PBS SoCaL is the presenting station for “Buried History with Mark Walberg.” The show is produced by Dick Clark Company, Ace’s Choice Entertainment, Perch 13, and PBS SoCaL. Executive Producers include Kari Clark, George Saadi, and Mark L. Walberg; with Co-Executive

Producers Kevin Krupitzer, Jeff Myers, and Producer Brenda Brkusic. More information about the program can be found at

About PBS SoCaL PBS SoCaL is the only station in the Greater Los Angeles area providing the full PBS schedule to Southern California and is home to all PBS program premieres as they are released nationally. As Southern California’s flagship PBS station, PBS SoCaL provides early education, access to a broad array of arts and culture, and programs for, about and by the people of Southern California.

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About Dick Clark Company Dick Clark Company was founded by Dick Clark in 2005.  Dick’s commitment to quality entertainment goes back to the early days of television with “American Bandstand”.  He was one of the most recognized and popular personalities in entertainment in America.  After Dick passed away in April of 2012, his commitment to quality entertainment goes on under the leadership of his longtime business partner and wife, Kari Clark, who is now the President of Dick Clark Company.  Kari started working at Dick Clark Productions in 1969.  Together they have produced over four decades of entertainment in television, film and live events.