Catalina Island

Catalina Boutique Introduces Swimwear That Suits Your Style

Inside the Atwater Arcade Shopping center, the Knuckles Swimwear Boutique hosts a wide range of uniquely cute bikinis, bathing suits, cover ups and more. Owner Aisha Hoffman and her family are first generation Catalina Islanders. I am not frequently stopped in my tracks by window displays, but my girlfriend on the other hand, has not developed the same trait. Her eye caught a desirable design on one of the bikini bottoms. Aisha Hoffman and her family, who own and operate the shop are extremely genuine.

Since my girlfriend is visiting through the 4th of July weekend, we decided to take a peek at some of the other styles. Over 25 different kinds of styles and patterns were on display along the wall. We were told by Aisha, this is not even their entire selection. They rotate their combinations almost every single day. Also, their bikini pieces are available to purchase separately for creative opportunities to mix and match. Knuckles currently sells several stylish and exquisite popular brand bathing suits including, but not limited to, Body Glove, Miraclesuit, Everyday Sunday, Gottex, and even a maternity brand called Prego (which I find rather clever).


The plan Aisha has for her store is to transition from these current brands to their own Knuckle brand swimwear by 2016.  Her and one of her daughters Tori, design and produce these unique bathing suits which process involves trimming parts of the material and restyling it by tying  a knot, or “knuckle” around the sides. I was intrigued by the various styles of both current and future products of this unique establishment. The aspect of the store that captured my attention most; however, was hearing the amount of passion and expertise in Aisha’s voice when she spoke about a typical woman’s shopping experience. She not only provides a variety of beautifully designed swimwear, she provides sizes and styles for women of all ages and sizes. This business truly cares about the experience of their customers, and they desire to help women on the Island stay both fashionable and comfortable in their swim suits. Whether you’re a local or a visitor in need of a fresh new bikini, you have got to check out the unique styles of Knuckles Swimwear Boutique.

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Knuckles Catalina Island Store
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