Catalina Island

Asana, Niyamas, and Become Transformed on Catalina Island


Ommmm. Read these words carefully and closely. Ommmm. What I am about to tell you has the potential to soothe your spirit for the remainder of your day, your vacation, your life. Catalina Island’s yoga community is here, now. You can join the movement, as a beginner, a yogi, a yogini, or even an inflexible schmuck like me, Gaia Studio. Currently owned and operated by Angela, Gaia bounced around the city of Avalon from locations on the beach to upstairs conference rooms. Since 2012, however, Gaia Studio has found its home in the corner of the Metropole Marketplace. You don’t have to look too hard though, because you don’t find yoga, yoga finds you.



Angela and the studio’s newest trainer, Stacy, run two classes a day close to five times a week. It is simple to find peace during your session because the room is not a huge, crowded space with a mass of people, but rather a space for about 20 or so conscious minds and bodies. A wide range of experience levels, ages, and body types are able to become one with sensation and well-being, with no fear of judgement. Yoga is certainly not for everyone, but I suggest you at least try it out to see if you like yoga, or more importantly, if yoga likes you.